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Kristine's & John's Photo Session

I was very excited when Kristine and John reached out to us to photograph their latest headshots. Both Kristine and John are Bay Area actors. Kristine is also an amazing singer while John also dabbles in modeling. When the day came to do the photo shoot, we headed to their place in San Jose armed with our complete gear of studio lights, portable backdrop, reflectors, and more to make sure we capture the best photos we could.

Headshot photography goes beyond just a simple close-up shot of the face, and there are actually--and arguably--more than one type. The two most popular types of headshots are commercial and theatrical; we did our best to deliver both types and beyond.

Commercial headshots are the most common type and are designed to get the actor's/model's foot in the door. It's usually very simple with a simple background wherein the main goal is to present the actor's features as accurately and appealingly as possible.

The other popular type of a headshot is the theatrical kind. In theatrical headshots, the actors or models are encouraged to portray themselves in roles that they would usually audition for. A lot more of the torso may be included to give more hint of body language. The tone of the photo can range from extremely moody to extremely bubbly.

Kristine and John are currently in the process of updating their individual websites. They also promote themselves as a pair, so we shot a few photos of them together: both in close-ups and full-body.

If you would like to inquire or are planning to book a photo shoot with us, please go to the photography page of this website for pricing information and a portfolio of our photography works. We hope to hear from you soon!

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