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Sarah's & Colton's Engagement Photo Session

On a fairly cool autumn afternoon, we went to Wente Vineyards to shoot Sarah and Colton's engagement photos. We timed the photo shoot in anticipation of the golden hour which comes earlier now that it is the fall season. The lush field of grapevines provided for the perfect backdrop for this couple of wine enthusiasts.

When it was time for them to change into their second outfits, the sun was getting lower in the horizon. Around this time, I decided to start taking semi-silhouetted photos that Sarah requested to be part of the shoot. I also took this opportunity to reenact the day of their actual engagement!

For their third outfit change, I thought of taking advantage of the iconic autumn look from the grapevine leaves that had fallen on the ground. I literally asked Sarah and Colton to lay on the ground, and they happily obliged!

I had planned to take picnic-themed photos during this session, but we had run out of sunlight. The thought of not being able to do this theme kept nagging at me in my head for a few days after we had wrapped up the photo I asked Sarah and Colton if I could do a quick follow-up photo shoot a week after. I and my husband scouted for a spot to do the follow-up shoot at just around their neighborhood a few days before and found the perfect place. Special thanks to our friend, Garry, for the added help in this photo shoot!

Congratulations, Sarah and Colton!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos!

If you are interested in our photography services, please visit the photography page of this website for package pricing and more samples of my photography work. Hope to hear from you soon!

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