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Jackson's Birthday and Family Photo Shoot

Spring is upon us! Flowers are in bloom showing off their vibrancy and opulence of colors...and so do baby Jackson's first birthday photos!

It was almost a year ago when I took baby Jackson's newborn photos...

...and I can't believe it was time already for his one-year photos!

To capture colorful and emotion-filled photos, his mommy brought a pre-birthday cupcake as a yummy prop! We simply placed the cupcake in front of him while he sat on his high chair and let him wreak havoc on it. An explosion of emotions, movements, and colors is definitely what we achieved and captured!

Before the fun and vibrant chaos, we first took a few pictures of him in a different outfit while he interacted with his reflection on the mirror.

As requested by his mom, we also took a few family photos. For a few weeks now, I've been marveling at the colorful flowers that have healthily bloomed already this spring season. At the same time, I have been scouting for flowery fields to potentially take portraits at whenever I and my husband are out driving to and from my immunotherapy treatments and check-ups. This family's photo session came just in time for me to realize these spring portraits I've pictured in my mind for a while now. I'm so happy that the resulting photos are exactly how I imagined them to be!

As we wrapped up the photo shoot, I took advantage of the opportunity to leisurely--and playfully-- take a few pictures of my bestfriend, my husband, and myself in the same location.

Take advantage of the beautiful settings this spring season provides. Book a photo session with us! Please visit the photography page of this website for package pricing and more samples of my photography work. I hope to hear from you soon!

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