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Allison's & Toran's Engagement Photo Session

What a wonderful time to shoot outdoors! Allison and Toran had the same idea when they decided to contact us to do their engagement photography in March. As usual, I prefer to do outdoor shoots around the golden hour. On the day of the shoot, all natural conditions seemed to align which provided everything I needed to compose near-fantastical images!

The greeneries are at their greenest. For one of the outfits, I recommended that Allison & Toran wear red and/or burgundy as the greens in nature will truly complement them and make those colors stand out.

Flowers are in full bloom and creeks have just been replenished by a recent short-lived rain...

What makes Allison and Toran a perfect match--among a number of other reasons--is that both are extremely musically talented. In fact, they both majored in music and are both music teachers. To give the engagement photos a personal touch and that "something extra," I thought it would be a great idea to depict the couple's musicality. I had asked the couple to bring a few musical instruments to the shoot which added a sense of playfulness and musicality in the photos. Needless to say, we had so much fun!

Days before the shoot, as I was planning and imagining the general aesthetic I would want for Allison's and Toran's engagement photos, I found myself listening and being inspired by a specific song: "Lovers in the long grass

Look above them

Only they can see

Where the clouds are going

Only to discover

Dust and sunlight

Ever make the sky so blue."

Did I already mention that we had so much fun?!

Congratulations, Allison and Toran!

Some behind-the-scenes courtesy of my husband, Adam!


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