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Jamie's & Kelly's Double Maternity Photo Session

Jamie and Kelly are sisters who are both in the third trimester of their pregnancies. Jamie is having a girl, and Kelly is having a boy...represented by the colors of the dresses they wore during the photo shoot. The muted pink and blue also wonderfully complemented the fall colors of the setting. I specifically scouted for a location with trees which leaves have fully turned into their fall colors. I found the perfect spot at the California Nursery Historical Park in Niles, CA. As usual, as I visited the location a few days before the shoot, I used an app to track where the sun would exactly be just before sunset in hopes to photograph the subjects bathed in golden hour light and outlined by soft warm rim lights.

Adequately planning before a shoot never disappoints!

Jamie also requested that I took photos of them with her first-born boy, Jackson...and he was always camera ready and comfortable in front of it!

In fact, this was not the first time I photographed Jamie during this pregnancy. Last summer, I photographed her and her family for the first announcement of their baby girl. Jackson still had his long untouched hair then.

From our families to yours...HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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