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Gisselle and Tyler's Family Photo Session

Just a little over a year later, I got another privilege of photographing this beautiful family as it grows. The last time I had the pleasure of photographing this family was when baby Amelia was still in Gisselle's womb...and what a photo session it was!

Now that Amelia is out in the world, she deserves the chance for her cuteness to steal the spotlight in each photo she's in. Having just recently moved in to their new place up in the hills, the outside view from inside Gisselle's and Tyler's house provided for a beautiful natural backdrop for their family photos.

With minimal help from my flash, the wealth of windows on the house provided ample ambient light to come in and adequately illuminate each photo.

We also took this opportunity to shoot photos of Gisselle's and Tyler's family in smaller groups. Gisselle's parents' love for each other shine in their photos.

It was also a great pleasure that Tyler's mom was able to join the photo shoot as she visits from another state.

After I was satisfied with the variety of photos I was able to capture of the family, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture a few solo photos of the adorable little miss Amelia...and she never disappoints. She's such a bundle of joy and brightens the room with her frequent smiles.

Thanks again, Gisselle and Tyler, for entrusting me to capture your beautiful family's photos!


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