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Alisha's, Han's, & Baby Orion's Holiday Photo Session

On the 18th of November, we photographed this young family of three. A few weeks before the set photo shoot date, we had a meeting with Alisha and Han to discuss what kind of photos they wanted to have. Primarily, they wanted holiday photos in their pajamas! I thought that was an extremely cute idea, and it was such an honor to be the first photographer to shoot photos in their new house!

Since a photo session package for a family of three includes up to three outfit changes & up to three different themes, I had planned two more themes along with different outfit suggestions to match each theme. The next outfit I suggested is more formal and was shot in front of their Christmas tree as well, but in a couple of different angles that allowed me to feature other angles in their house. I also changed the direction of the external flash to achieve a more dramatic lighting.

The next theme I had planned for is to surround them in Christmas lights that would seem to be floating. To achieve this look, I used the black side of my portable backdrop, hung Christmas lights behind and in front of them, and I angled the external flash to adequately light them but avoiding lighting the wires of the Christmas lights. I also made sure that I used the most open aperture in my camera to create bokeh / blurred lights from the Christmas lights. The resulting photos are magnificently magical!

Han also requested that I photograph professional headshots of him and Alisha. Since we still had enough time left from the three hours of shooting time included in the photo package, I took the time before I had to set up for the last holiday theme to photograph their professional headshots.

The last holiday theme I had planned for them is a winter theme. Since we don't get snow at this part of California, I had to plan what props to bring to achieve a winter look! I had asked them to wear outfits that have creams, khakis, light blues, and hints of red to compliment the set I had prepared for them. While they were changing into their last outfits, I and my husband started setting up the props for the set which included fluffy cotton sheets, faux snowy pine leaves, and white animal and bird ornaments we place in our Christmas tree at home! It was a good thing that we have not decorated for Christmas yet at home so we could use these ornaments first for this photo shoot.

Below is a couple of behind-the-scenes photos:

If you are interested in our photography services, please visit the photography page of this website for package pricing and more samples of my photography work. Hope to hear from you soon!

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