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Projects: Mission Peak Chamber Singers' Choral Pops Concert Print Design

As their last concert of the season, the Mission Peak Chamber Singers will be performing in two concert performances titled CHORAL POPS: The Lighter Side. The group will be singing vocal jazz, pops, blues, and other more surprises. So far, I have created the concert logo and two layout versions of the concert's marketing flyer. I wanted this concert's visual aesthetics to express more freshness and modernity without being too contemporary. I thought utilizing the somewhat trendy, colorful, random watercolor washes and splatters would help me achieve the look I wanted to express. The designs are still on initial stage: each design will probably still undergo a few evolution (Update: Design Two has been recently chosen as the group's favorite!)

Design One is a simpler, cleaner, and centered version of the flyer. This layout helps the colors of the artwork truly stand out on its own. It also magnifies the more modern design I am going for, at least in comparison to the visual presence the group has been accustomed to.

Design Two is a more carefree, staggered, but still modern version. This layout truly embodies freedom in artistry (which, I think mirrors the the group's genres of choice in this upcoming concert) while still maintaining a modern look with the watercolor splatters.

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